5th Regiment Armory

The Maryland Military Historical Society provides funding and other support the Maryland Center for Military History through a variety of means. This includes the vital contributions of individual members, corporate sponsorships, pursuit of grants, development and sustainment of partnerships, loans, and various marketing and fund-raising activities.

Individual Supporters

Thank you for your interest in supporting the Maryland Center for Military History!

The best way to support our efforts is by becoming a member of the Society. Your membership dues will be used to help perpetuate and preserve the military legacy of Maryland by contributing to the operation of the Maryland Museum of Military History and the Maryland Military Historical Research Center.

Monetary donations above and beyond your annual membership are always welcome. In addition, the Society frequently needs volunteers to help with its activities. These range from projects to support the Museum’s operations, such as our flag rescue project, to planning and preparing special events for our members, such as visits to historic sites. We also have a number of committees devoted to supporting the internal operations of the Society, including membership and fundraising committees. Please contact us directly for more information on how you can support our activities.

General Donation to the Society

Military Intelligence and Cyberwar Oral History Project

African American History Project

World War I Project

Fallen Airmen Memorial

Maryland Obelisk at the Medal of Honor Grove

In addition, you can support our efforts through donations of historic artifacts and documents related to Maryland’s military heritage. These items will be turned over to the Museum or the Research Center (as appropriate), which will then review them for possible inclusion in the permanent collections. If you would like to donate a historic artifact, we encourage you to contact the Museum staff directly at 410-576-1496 or 29division@gmail.com.

Corporate Sponsors

The Society welcomes support from businesses large and small. Corporate sponsorships are an ideal way for members of Maryland’s business community to pursue their charitable giving goals by supporting one of Maryland’s vital public history institutions. Sponsorships can take the form of general donations or specific donations to support a particular exhibit, project, or program. Prospective corporate sponsors should contact us directly for details on how to contribute. All corporate sponsors are listed in our semi-annual newsletter and gratis links to company websites are placed in the “Corporate Sponsors” section of our recommended links.