In summer 2017, the Maryland Military Historical Society will open up an exciting new exhibit in the Maryland Museum of Military History titled “Over There.” Commemorating the 100th anniversary of American entry into World War I, the exhibit will highlight the role of Maryland men and women in the momentous conflict that would become known as “The War to End Wars.” The 29th “Blue and Gray Division,” which included many elements of the Maryland National Guard, will form a central element of the exhibit, including its role in the great October 1918 Meuse-Argonne Offensive. The Maryland National Guard’s 117th Trench Mortar Battery, an element of the famous 42nd Rainbow Division, will also form a part of the exhibit. The pivotal roles played by the African-American 372nd Infantry as well as “Baltimore’s Own” 313th Infantry, will be depicted. Finally, the story of the doctors and nurses of Johns Hopkins’s Base Hospital 18, one of the first American medical units to travel to France, will be told in detail. The exhibit will feature high-grade museum mannequins, original World War I artifacts, and rare paintings and sketches by front-line artists. Look for updates on this website!