5th Regiment Armory

John Eager Howard Room: 1634-1783
St. Mary’s City Militia | Revolutionary War

Union Room: 1861-1865
Civil War Years | Maryland Union Army Civil War Memorabilia | Historic Confederate Battle Flag

Memorial Hall: 1865-1917
1877 Railroad Strike | Spanish-American War | Baltimore Fire | Mexican Border Deployment

Reckord Lounge:
Regimental memorabilia | Social center of the Maryland National Guard

Blue and Gray Hall: 1917-1945
29th Division in WWI and WWII

Cold War and Global War on Terror Room: 1946-Present
Korean War | Baltimore Air Defense | 9/11 | Iraq | Afghanistan | Estonia and Bosnia Partnership | Historic Flag Storage

Hancock Memorial Library:
29th Infantry Division Archives | Maryland National Guard Librabry | Historian’s Office