5th Regiment Armory

The Maryland Museum of Military History has developed and hosted numerous exhibitions over the years.  It is the goal of the museum to share artifacts and tell the story of Maryland’s rich military history over the years.   New exhibitions are typically scheduled based on anniversary’s of special events with permanent exhibitions ongoing.

World War I Exhibition: Over There – Marylanders In The Great War
In summer 2017, the Maryland Military Historical Society will open up an exciting new exhibit in the Maryland Museum of Military History titled “Over There.” Commemorating the 100th anniversary of American entry into World War I, the exhibit will highlight the role of Maryland men and women in the momentous conflict that would become known as “The War to End Wars.”

Bicentennial Exhibition: When Freemen Shall Stand – Maryland Citizen-Soldiers in the War of 1812
While most Americans know of the defense of Fort McHenry, the larger story of the combined efforts of many Marylanders is not as well understood. “When Freemen Shall Stand” explores the pivotal role of Maryland’s forces in the Chesapeake campaign and in the heroic defense of Baltimore that was a significant factor in the shape of the peace that followed.

Permanent Exhibitions:
The Maryland Museum of Military History has several permanent exhibitions documenting Maryland’s military history from St Mary’s Militia and the Revolutionary war to today and Maryland’s role in the Global War on Terrorism.

Traveling Exhibitions:
The Maryland Museum of Military History has several traveling exhibits that convey the major stories and themes of the fixed museum exhibits, helping to bring this chapter of Maryland’s military history to her citizens across the state.